Variety mentions a new movie about Ruth Etting

What a fun little tidbit in Variety!

Posted: Mon., Feb. 8, 1993, 11:00pm PT

…”It’s the best material I’ve ever had,” Martin Bregman said of “The Ruth Etting Story,” scripted by Judith Roscoe. “It’s not a remake,” Bregman said. The Universal release is to star Al Pacino as Moe “The Gimp” Snyder, a Chicago mobster who wed and whipped Etting. She will hopefully be played by Winona Ryder. In the 1955 MGM version, “Love Me or Leave Me,” James Cagney and Doris Day co-starred for producer Joe Pasternak and director Charles Vidor. Pacino first films “Carlito’s Way” also for Bregman/Baer with Brian de Palma directing the Universal movie. Then the busy Bregman/Baer combo starts “The Shadow,” with Alec Baldwin in the ’30s-set drama directed by Russell Mulcahy, scripted by David Koepp (who ditto’s “Carlito’s”) …

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A new movie about Ruth Etting? Very cool!

And while at first glance an odd choice to play Ruth, Winona Ryder is actually a natural blond – she’s dyed her hair dark brown since she was cast in her first film, Lukas, while still a teen. And she’s definitely a good actress. And she doesn’t sing, so there would be no temptation for the producers to use her voice, rather than vintage recordings of the real thing. So perhaps it’s not such an odd choice after all?

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