Variety reports Paul Schrader to script Torch

According to Variety, Paul Schrader is set to write the script for Torch, and it’s going to be a drama about the relationship between Ruth Etting and Moe Snyder. Sounds interesting!

Posted: Mon., Sep. 13, 2004, 9:00pm PT

Scribe to light ‘Torch’

Schrader sets the story of famous bootlegger


Paul Schrader is set to write the script for “Torch,” a drama about the obsessive relationship between singer Ruth Etting and Chicago bootlegger Moe Snyder.

Pic will be a reteaming of the “Sea of Love” troika of Al Pacino, director Harold Becker and producer Martin Bregman.

That trio has long been fascinated by the Snyder/Etting story and tried to get a script together several times. But the picture finally came into focus when “Auto Focus” helmer Schrader met with Becker and Pacino and walked away with the assignment.

Etting arrived in Chicago from Nebraska at age 17 with aspirations to sew costumes and sing in the chorus of stage shows during the Roaring ’20s. There she met and married Snyder, who had the connections necessary to make her a star. When she left him, Snyder shot Etting’s piano-playing boyfriend. The sensational trial that followed ruined her career and put Snyder behind bars.

“The James Cagney-Doris Day film ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ was based on their story, and there’s a bit of ‘A Star Is Born,’ too, but we want to go back to Chicago in the Roaring ’20s and tell the real story, this tempestuous yin-and-yang love story,” Becker said.

Becker and Bregman will seek production financing when the script comes in.

Becker, who last helmed “Domestic Disturbance,” next is expected to direct “Baker Street,” a pic about the original heist that inspired the pic “Ocean’s Eleven.” Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (“The Commitments”) wrote the script.

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