Welcome to the brand new Ruth Etting Blog!

Why a blog? Well the comment section of RuthEtting.com has been a prime target of spammers for years. I switched from a commercial guestbook, to a system I designed and developed myself, hoping that if I wasn’t using a system the spam bots were familiar with, they’d leave, and move on. But over time, the bots got smarter, or the humans got more desperate for places to post, and the guestbook started to fill up with spam again. So it’s time to move back to commercially available software again, but this time do it with a solution that is GOOD at controlling spam. So here we are with a blog!

But a blog is more than just comments! It’ll also give me a new place to share the photos I add to the gallery, or share other news about the site – or if we’re really lucky about other news about Ruth Etting. There is still a movie in the works, and a book or two being written. You just never know!

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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Ruth Etting was a friend of my fathers in Colorado Springs. My twin brother and I got to meet her in 1976 right after she had had a bout with shingles. We had a nice visit which we will always remember. My favorite story of her was what her father said as she left home to seek fame and fortune. “trust nobody; man,woman,child or sonofabitch. And keep your money in your own name.” truly words to live by. http://www.paulsheesley.com January 16, 2008 5:21 AM

  2. Cheryl says:

    That sounds like the men in my family…

    Thanks for stopping by Paul!

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