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It used to be the style to keep a running log of changes to a web site and important dates and events. Over time those “logs” were folded into blogging. I never kept much of a log for this site, but what I did note is below, preserved here in the new blog!

2/11/2005: New page added on official Ziegfeld photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston. New content added to the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927 and 1931, and the movie Hips, Hips, Hooray!

2/10/2005: New content added to the sections on the Broadway plays, Whoopee and Simple Simon, and the movies, Roman Scandals and Gift of Gab.

2/8/2005: A news section has been added for updates on the rumored remake of the Ruth Etting Story.

1/18/05: New images have been posted in the photo album! And a sitemap and search have been added to the site.

7/29/2003: New images have been posted in the photo album!

6/11/2000: 9th Annual Ruth Etting Vaudeville Days, David City, Nebraska, USA

5/4/2000:  The Music Library at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln has placed part of it’s Ruth
Etting collection online
! The display includes rare photos from her childhood and early career in Chicago, as well as her years in New York, Hollywood and after retirement.

4/23/2000:  Thank you to Michael Wise of In Memory for the 1978 Newsweek Obituary and an autographed drawing.

4/20/2000: Thank you to Matthew Quigley for submitting a photo spread of Ruth modeling hats that originally ran in “Radio Mirror” Magazine, June 1934, and an autographed sketch of Miss Etting, dated 1931.

4/14/2000: New Feature! The Ruth Etting Song List is officially online.

4/13/2000: Check out this new site we found called Remembering Ruth Etting. There’s no contact info listed, but it features some unusual photos. Very cool!

3/11/2000: Thank you to Richard A. Reublin for a great new image!

9/15/1999: Check out the photo album for some new images of Ruth Etting submitted by Ronnie Klejka, Dan and Buryl.

8/19/1999: RuthEtting.com goes live!  The Ruth Etting Web Site will celebrate it’s third anniversary in March 2000, and in celebration we’ve moved to our own domain name!

6/4-6/1999: 8th Annual Ruth Etting Vaudeville Days, David City, Nebraska, USA

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