Half Fairy Tale

Every once in a while a new fact, or photo, or song, or quote becomes available. I found this on IMDB today…

Ruth Etting on the movie, Love Me or Leave Me (1955):
“It was half fairy tale. It’s a shame that the most beautiful part of my life, my twenty-eight year marriage to [Myrl] was left out completely because that was the real highlight of my life story”.

It’s interesting to read Ruth’s own words, about her life. The quotes in various magazines and newspaper articles from early in her career all seem carefully worded for the press – it’s like she was saying what she ought to say, and what the public wanted to read – but who knows how she really felt. Was she ambitious? Or was her entry into show business really as unintended as she made it sound? Did she really just want to design costumes, and was she really pulled up onstage to do a solo because there was no one else? And if at the start it was all just luck, was there a point, where she got ambitious? Or did the ambition and push to succeed come from her first husband? The movie, Love Me or Leave Me, obviously “answered” all those questions – but how much is true and how much is fairy tale? it’s hard to know, but calling her marriage to Myrl, after her career was effectively finished, the real highlight of her life, is perhaps more telling than anything in the movie.

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