Ruth Etting: America’s Forgotten Sweetheart

Kenneth Irwin and Charles O. Lloyd’s book on Ruth Etting has been published!

Here’s the description on Amazon…

“A comprehensive, full-length biography of Ruth Etting (1897-1978), this book details her rise to fame, her career as a Ziegfeld Girl and singer, her pioneering radio and film accomplishments, and her disastrous marriage to Moe (The Gimp) Snyder.”

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3 Responses to Ruth Etting: America’s Forgotten Sweetheart

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  2. Brad Wilson says:

    This is a great read! I grew up in David City, along the Burlington Northern tracks and visited the museum in the old depot many times growing up. This book really captures the David City girl and how that influence remained with her forever. I am not famous, but the roots from that special town are part of me too and proud of it!

  3. Ukulele Rob says:

    Finally got around to buying and reading this great book. For some time a number of songs popularized by Miss Etting have been on my songlist, and I’ve referred to her recordings for ideas. The book reveals what a pro she was, much like Frank Sinatra (who later recorded a number of hits first recorded by Miss Etting), taking the most care in preparing and performing every tune.

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