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Ruth Etting in PearlsIn the mid-1920′s Ruth Etting had a thing for pearls – see 1, 2, 3, 4 if you want proof! But perhaps the most iconic image of her, with pearls, is an image that seems to only exist today on sheet music – a tiny little photo, way too small for my taste.

It’s also one of the earliest images of Ruth Etting – it first appeared on sheet music in 1925, but could have been shot earlier.

I’ve watched the auctions, watched eBay – for years – and I’ve never seen this particular image in any format other than sheet music. It’s one of my favorite images of Ruth Etting, so I’m hoping that someday, maybe, I’ll find a vintage print. Or someone will send me a scan of one?

But until then, the grainy sheet music version is the best available!

Some of the sheet music this images was featured on….

What Do We Care If It’s One O’Clock (Goodwin, Shay, Ash) 1925
Will You Wait In The Valley For Me? (Hirsch, Burke) 1925

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