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Ruth Etting in Whoopee

When Kenneth Irwin and Charles O. Lloyd’s new book, Ruth Etting: America’s Forgotten Sweetheart, was released late last year, I was particularly excited about the image on the front. I didn’t think I’d ever seen it before, and yet, it seemed vaguely familiar. And I always love discovering a new image!

But as I went through my archives, looking for things to add to this site, I found the very photo that’s on the book cover – along with an alternate, slightly different version, shown below. They were shot by Alfred Cheney Johnston, for the Broadway musical, Whoopee, in 1927.

No wonder it looked familiar! Besides, who could forget that dress? Bias cut silk, with netting, and pearls and paillettes, and tassels. It’s an absolutely iconic roaring twenties gown – best of the best!

Ruth Etting in Whoopee

This site has well over 200 pages, and hundreds of photos – but there are still images and songs and 78′s out there that haven’t shown up here yet!

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