Gift of Gab this Saturday at the Billy Wilder Theatre

One of Ruth Etting’s three biggest films is being shown this week in Los Angeles, so if you’re in the area, it’s a chance to finally see a formerly “lost” film!

The UCLA Film and Television Archive’s salute to vaudevillians on film, “Mixed Nuts,” presents the 1934 musical comedy “Gift of Gab,” with Edmund Lowe, Gloria Stuart and Ruth Etting on Saturday at the Billy Wilder Theatre, along with 1932′s “The Big Broadcast,” with Bing Crosby, Burns and Allen, Kate Smith and Cab Calloway. Rounding out the program is the 1931 short “Taxi Tangle,” with Jack Benny. Scheduled for Sunday evening is a nitrate print of the 1935 comedy “Here Comes Cookie,” with Gracie Allen. Also screening is another comedy with Wheeler and Woolsey, “Diplomanics.”
LA Times, January 12, 2011

For years Gift of Gab was thought to be a “lost” film, since there were no known surviving copies lefts. But a few years back a print was found, and it was reported that while the picture quality left something to be desired, the soundtrack was supposedly in great condition. I have no idea is the version being shown at UCLA is that version, or if another copy has been found – but either way, it definitely seems worth seeing!

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