VIDEO | It Was So Beautiful, 1932

Ruth Etting sings It Was So Beautiful, which charted at #13 in 1932. The name of the film is omitted from the YouTube listing, but based on the costumes, the year, and the fact that it was produced by Vidafone, it’s most likely from A Modern Cinderella.

For more on the song, see

It Was So Beautiful

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6 Responses to VIDEO | It Was So Beautiful, 1932

  1. Diane says:

    To see the real Ruth compared to the Doris movie LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME is wonderful. Thank you for the post of this orginal

  2. Ana Ortiz says:

    Watched Love me or Leave me last night, which made me curious about Ruth Etting.
    She was beautiful with a beautiful voice. Glad to have a chance to learn about her. Thank you

  3. I’m so glad that you were curious enough to come looking Ana!

  4. Pastor Jack Mc Donald of Cong-Christian Church Ruths home church says:

    Hey…wouldn’t it be great for you to come to David City, have an art show of your wonderful talents at the church where Ruth was baptized and grew up in?
    We still have hymnals which were donated by Ruth in memeory of her father Alfred.
    Then have a concert in her memory, there is a lady with the same first name from David City who sings like Ruth Etting and her name is Ruth , also…She is an artist, also.
    Hope to hear from you , we’d be interested in sponsering the event ….
    please contact me at this email, please Pastor Jack

  5. tricia says:

    How super to see Ruth Etting how she really was.It must have been amazing to have been around
    when she was singing. I love the music in Love me or leave me, & they really were her songs. She leaves a wonderful legacy.

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