Punk Rock Cover of a Ruth Etting Song by NOFX

In 1996 NOFX released a punk rock cover of a Ruth Etting song on their album, 45 or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records and it’s kind of fun. It’s not a bit like the original – but those are the kinds of cover songs I like best – where the artist puts their own imprint on the song.

All of Me was written by Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks, and Ruth Etting recorded it in 1931. NOFX skips the introduction and goes straight to the verse and chorus, but if you want to hear the original by Ruth Etting, it’s also available on YouTube! Click here for the lyrics!

Ruth Etting - Glorifier of American Song

Ruth Etting - Glorifier of American SongAvailable On:
Glorifier of American Song - Ruth Etting
Take Two Records
Released: May 7, 1998

America's Greatest Songstress

America's Greatest Songtstress - Ruth EttingAvailable On:
America's Greatest Songstress - Ruth Etting
Claremont (SAF)
Released: November 25, 1997

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