A Message from the Man in the Moon

Words and Music by Gus Kahn, Wlater Jurmann, and Bronislaw Kaper

The man in the moon looked into my window
And found me alone and blue
The man in the moon told me something and told me to tell it to you.

I’ve got a message from The Man In The Moon for you
Just you
He said to tell you there’s a bench in the park for two,
Just two

I know you should be sleeping and I’m keeping you awake
But I’m just delivering a message he told me to take

I’ve got a message saying love will be ’round to call and then
If we don’t meet him he may never be ’round to call again;

The evening found me lonely and I thought you might be lonely too
So I brought a message from The Man In The Moon for you.

Recorded by Ruth Etting on April 5, 1937 in New York City for Decca Records.
Originally issued on Decca 62103.

More Than You Know

More Than You KnowAvailable On:
More Than You Know - Ruth Etting & Helen Morgan
Encore Productions
Recorded: 1929-1937
Released: August 21, 1996

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