Build a Little Home

Lyrics by Al Dubin
Music by Harry Warren

You’ll always have a roof above you,
As long as there’s a sky.
And if you have someone to love you,
You’re sure of getting by.
You don’t need a lot of log and stone,
Build a home on happiness alone.

With a thousand little stars,
We can decorate the ceiling;
With an optimistic feeling,
We can build a little home.
Ev’ry single little dream
Is a shingle or a rafter;
We can paint the house with laughter
When we build a little home.
It’s not a palace nor a poor-house,
But the rent is absolutely free;
This is my house, but it’s your house,
If you’ll come and live with me.
With a carpet on the floor,
Made of buttercups and clover,
All our troubles will be over,
When we build a little home.

We can build a little home,
I’ve no real estate to sell you;
All I want to do is tell you:
We can build a little home.
If the children want to play,
They can play away their childhood
In a million acre wildwood
Where we build our little home.
We’ll dine for hours ‘mid the flowers,
Eating apples from an apple tree.
We’ll take showers in the showers
That the clouds bring from the sea.
When we want to go to sleep,
While the weary world reposes,
We can make a bed of roses
When we build a little home.

I’m looking at a set of blueprints,
With which to build this home.
It’s got a lot of new improvements,
The idea’s all my own.
I’ve got plans no builder would suspect,
I’m a kinda diff’rent architect.

Build a Little HomeFrom Roman Scandals, 1933
Published by M. Witmark & Son

Originally performed by Eddie Cantor in Roman Scandals, and recorded by Ruth Etting later that same year.

3 Responses to Build a Little Home

  1. Derek nicholson says:

    a wonderful song by two wonderful singers, Ruth and Eddy were from arguably the greatest music scene ever,the roaring twenties and the fabulous thirties standards were a dime a dozen.You had to be top class and without doubt they filled the bill.THis is why when hollywood was looking for life stories The Jolson story ,love me or leave me(ruth etting)and the Eddy Cantor story were so well received not only for the stars but the songs as well.

  2. Marilyn Wall says:

    My friends celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary today. She is 94, and he is 98. At the restaurant they sang parts of “Build a Little Home.”
    Thank you for having all the word on this site. Tomorrow I will bring them all of the lyrics for them to enjoy.

  3. Such a sweet story Marilyn! Thank you for sharing it!

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