Deed I Do

By Fred Rose and Walter Hirsch

I was oh, so blue till you came along,
Just to make my life a wonderful song,
You brought sunshine just to brighten my loneliness.
Is it any wonder in my happiness,
I confess

Do I want you
Oh my, do I?
Honey, ‘deed I do!
Do I need you?
Oh my, do I
Honey, ‘deed I do!
I’m glad that I’m the one who found you,
That’s why I’m always hangin’ ’round you.
Do I love you?
Oh my, do I?
Honey, ‘deed I do!

There are lots of others that I have met,
Those you meet today, tomorrow forget,
You’re the only one who ever could stand the test.
That’s the reason why I choose you from the rest,
You’re the best

[repeat chorus]

Deed I DoRecorded by Ruth Etting on December 1, 1926, in Chicago
Originally issued on Columbia 865-D (Matrix W142974)

Charted at #2 in 1927

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