Good Night Sweetheart

Written by Noble, Campbell, and Connelly

Goodnight sweetheart, ’til we meet tomorrow
Goodnight sweetheart, sleep will banish sorrow
Tears and parting may make us forlorn
But with the dawn a new day is born

So I’ll say goodnight sweetheart, though I’m not beside you
Goodnight sweetheart, still my love will guide you
Dreams involve you and in each one I’ll hold you
Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight

The day is over and it’s cares and woes
In peaceful sweet repose, will fade and die
A dreamy dreamland beckons you and me
How happy life would be if we could dream forever

So I’ll say goodnight sweetheart
Even though I’m not, I’m not always right beside you
I’ll still say goodnight, goodnight sweetheart
I want you to know that my love, my love will always guide you

And dreams involve you, in each one I’ll hold you
Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight…

Good Night SweetheartRecorded by Ruth Etting on October 20, 1931 in New York City for Columbia Records.
Originally issued on Columbia 2557 D (Matrix 151859)

Charted on Billboard at #17 in 1931

America's Sweetheart of Song

America's Sweetheart of Song - Ruth EttingAvailable On:
America's Sweetheart of Song - Ruth Etting
ASV/Living Era
Released: September 25, 2001

2 Responses to Good Night Sweetheart

  1. Goke says:

    Lovely poems. I love the way it rhymes.

  2. John Merkley says:

    This was my favorite song that was always played at the end of our dance events.

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