I Remember You From Somewhere (Somewhere In My Dreams)

Lyrics by Edgar Leslie
Music by Harry Warren

Somewhere, somewhere, I met my own ideal;
Some sweet sweetheart with just the right appeal.
One who cheered me when I was feeling blue,
I’ve been wond’ring, was it you?

I remember you from somewhere,
Somewhere in the used-to-be;
I remember you with someone,
That someone was me.
Wasn’t it a sweet adventure
On a balmy summer’s day?
As we rambled through the roses,
Romance led the way.
I remember how your charms befell me,
And my heart began to realize;
What your trembling lips refused to tell me,
I was reading in your eyes.
Then we nestled in the moonlight,
And you loved me to extremes;
I remember you from somewhere,
Somewhere in my dreams.

Dreams would haunt me when I had shut my eyes,
Then you’d taunt me each time that I’d arise;
Now I’m standing beneath my lucky star,
When I need you, here you are!

Published by De Sylva, Brown & Henderson, Inc.
Recorded by Ruth Etting with the Ben Selvin Orchestra on May 16, 1930 in New York City for Columbia Records.
Originally issued on Columbia 2207 D (Matrix 150437).

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