I’m Alone Because I Love You

Words and Music by Joe Young and John Siras, 1930
Published by M. Witmark & Sons

5 Responses to I’m Alone Because I Love You

  1. Tommy Taylor says:

    Used to have records of her

  2. Tommy Taylor says:

    I once had recordings of her singing all popular songs of the day, remember i’m 91 years old

  3. Very cool Tommy!

    You must have about 7 or 8 years-old when Ruth hit it big and was on the radio?

  4. Edgar says:

    I have an old record by Layton and Johnstone singing this beautiful song. I saw Turner Layton personally do this song on stage as a solo after he split with Johnstone. Actually it was Johnstone who split with him, he ran away with Layton’s wife.

    I have been a professional musician all my life, the later portion concentrated on New Orleans Jazz, yet, this has always been my favourite song. My dear mother used to sing it. Since Tommy gives his age, I’ll do the same, I’m 83. I remember the first songs I sang when I was a baby were “All I want Is A Little Bit Off The Top The Top For Me”, and ” Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me”.

  5. bob palumbo says:

    I have a signed copy of this sheet music from 1930 if anyone is interested.

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