In the Chapel in the Moonlight

Words and Music by Hill

There’s a little old church
That’s covered with moss
Where I held your hand tenderly
I often go there to gaze at the cross
And dream that you’ll come back to me

How I’d love to hear the organ
In the chapel in the moonlight
While we’re strolling down the aisle
Where roses entwine

How I’d love to hear you whisper
In the chapel in the moonlight
For the love light in your eyes
Forever will shine

Till the roses turn to ashes
Till the organ turns to rust
If you never come, I’ll still be there
Till the moonlight turns to dust

How I’d love to hear the choir
In the chapel in the moonlight
As they sing, “Oh Promise Me”

Recorded by Ruth Etting on December 12, 1936 in New York City for Decca Records.
Originally issued on Decca 61478 A.

Charted at #20 by Ruth Etting in 1937

More Than You Know

More Than You KnowAvailable On:
More Than You Know - Ruth Etting & Helen Morgan
Encore Productions
Recorded: 1929-1937
Released: August 21, 1996

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