Love Is Like That

Words and Music by Benee Russell (1931)

How wonderful
How sweet my life would be
Love tore my heart
Tore my soul
It shattered everything
But I forgive it,
All it’s done to me

It takes you
It breaks you
It comes and then forsakes you
Love is like that,
What can you do?

It wears you
It tears you
There’s not a thing it spares you
Love is like that,
What can you do?

I’ve known all it’s lonliness
It’s pain and it’s fears
But the moments of happiness
Are worth all it’s tears

It finds you
It blinds you
And like a slave it binds you
Love is like that,
What can you do?

Sheet Music for "Love Is Like That" - Ruth Etting

Recorded by Ruth Etting on January 13, 1931 in New York City for Columbia Records.
Originally issued on Columbia 2398 D (Matrix 151204)

Charted at #5 by Ruth Etting in 1931.

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