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Ruth Etting recorded hundreds of songs in the 1920′s and early 1930′s. Linked below, you’ll find the lyrics and sheet music for some of her biggest hits. You may also view the list chronologically.

A Bird in a Gilded Cage (Lamb, von Tilzer)
A Boy and a Girl Were Dancing (M. Gordon, H. Revel)
A Cottage For Sale (Robison, Conley)
A Faded Summer Love (Baxter)
A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (Kahn, Woods)
A Message from the Man in the Moon
A Million Dreams (Kahn, Lewis)
A Needle In A Haystack (Magidson, Conrad)
A Place To Call Home (Etting, Schwartz)
A Star Fell Out of Heaven
A Sweet Beginning Like This
After You’ve Gone
After You’ve Gone (Creamer, Layton)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Brooks, Razaf, Waller)
All I want Is Y-O-U (from Glorifying the Popular Song) (Davis, Akst, Clare)
All Of Me (Simons, Marks)
Am I To Blame? (Lewis, Baer)
At Sundown
At Twilight (Pinkhard, Tracey)
Back In Your Own Backyard (Jolson, Dreyer, Rose)
Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now (Donaldson)
Beloved (Kahn, Sanders)
Blue River
Bluebird, Sing Me a Song
Body And Soul (Green, Heyman, Eyton, Sour)
Breezin’ Along (With The Breeze) (Gillespie, Simons, Whiting)
Build a Little Home (Warren, Dubin)
But I Do, You Know I Do! (Donaldson, Kahn)
Button Up Your Overcoat (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson)
By the Light Of the Silvery Moon
Can’t We Talk It Over (Young, Washington)
Chasing Shadows (Davis and Silver)
Cigarettes, Cigars! (Gordon, Revel)
Close Your Eyes (Petkere)
Could I? I Certainly Could (Yellen, Ager)
Crazy People (Leslie, Monaco)
Cryin’ for the Carolines (Lewis, Young, Warren.)
Cuban Love Song (Fields, McHugh, Stothart)(charted at #10 in 1932)
Dancing In The Moonlight (Donaldson, Kahn)
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Dubin, Burke) Charted at #1 in 1930
Deed I Do (Rose, Hirsch)
Deep Night (Vallee, Henderson)
Do You Ever Think Of Me?
Don’t Leave Me Daddy (Verges)
Don’t Let This Waltz Mean Good-Bye (from Gift of Gab)
Don’t Tell Him What Happened To Me (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson) (from One Good Turn) (charted at #6 in 1930)
Easy Come, Easy Go (Heyman, Green)
Everything I Have Is Yours (Adamson, Lane)
Everything Must Have an Ending (Adams, Osborne, Stillwell)
Exactly Like You (McHugh, Fields)(charted on Billboard at #11 in 1929)
Faithfully Yours (Brockman, Lyman, Snyder)
Falling In Love Again (Lerner, Hollander)
Footloose and Fancy Free
For My Baby (Kahal, Wheeler, Snyder)
From the Bottom of My Heart  (from Broadway’s Like That)
Funny That Way
Funny, Dear, What Love Can Do – (Bennet, Little, Straight)
Get Happy (Arlen, Koehler)
Get Out and
Get Under the Moon
(Shay, Tobias and Jerome)
Glad Rag Doll (Ager, Yellen, Dougherty)
Good Evenin’ Mr. Nightingale
Good Night Sweetheart (Noble, Campbell, Connelly)(charted on Billboard at #17 in 1931)
Goodnight My Love (Gordon, Revel)
Guilty (Kahn, Akst, Whiting)(charted at #7 in 1931)
Happy Days and Lonely Nights (Fisher, Rose)
Happy Go Lucky You
Have You Forgotten?
Hawaiian Paradise
He’s Not Worth Your Tears (Dixon, Rose, Warren)
Hello Baby (Simons, Whiting)
Hello Cutie (Cliff Friend)
Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows
Here Comes the Sun (Freed, Woods)
Hey Young Fella (Recorded 02/08/33)
High Up On A Hilltop (Baer, Campbell, Whiting)
Hold Me (Little, Oppenheim, Schuster) (Recorded 3/29/33)
Holding My Honey’s Hand (Bernie, Goering, Hirsch)
Holiday Sweetheart
Home (VanStreeden, Clarkson, Clarkson)
Hoosier Sweetheart
How Can I Go On Without You  (Recorded 3/1/33)
How I Love That Girl! (Kahn, Fiorito)
I Ain’t Got Nobody (Williams, Graham)
I Hate Myself for Falling in Love with You (Kenny, Cornell)
I Must Be Dreaming
I Never Dreamt (You’d Fall in Love With Me) (Ellis, Parons)
I Remember You From Somewhere (Warren and Selvin)
I Saw Stars
I Still Keep Dreaming Of You (Burke, Davis)
I Want To Meander In The Meadow (Woods, Tobias)
I Wished On The Moon
I’ll Be Blue (Wandling, Whiting)(charted at #14 in 1930)
I’ll Follow You (Recorded 10/25/32)
I’ll Get By (As Long As I Have You) (charted at #3 in 1929) (Turk, Ahlert)
I’ll Never Be the Same
I’ll Never Have To Dream Again (Newman, Jones) (Recorded 10/25/32)
I’m Alone Because I Love You (Young, Siras)
I’m Bringing You a Red, Red Rose (Kahn, Donaldson)
I’m Facing The Music
I’m Falling in Love Again (Etting, Schwartz, Ward)
I’m Good For Nothing But Love (Martin, Ballard)(charted on Billboard at #7 in 1931)
I’m Nobody’s Baby (Davis, Agar, Santly)
I’m Still Without A Sweetheart With Summer Coming On (Turk, Ahlort)
I’m Walking Around In a Dream (Lewis, Yoell, Spencer)
I’m Yours – (Green, Harburg)
I’ve Always Wanted to Call You Sweetheart (Haxby)
I’ve Got an Invitation to a Dance
I’ve Lost All My Love For You (Lewis, Young, Akst, Piantadosi)
If He Cared (Grey, Stothart)
If I Could Be With You (One Hour To-Night) (Johnson, Creamer) (from One Good Turn)
If I Didn’t Have You (Ager, Harburg)
In the Chapel in the Moonlight (Hill)(charted at #20 in 1937)
In the Gloaming by the Fireside (Noble, Campbell, Connelly)
It All Belongs To Me (Irving Berlin) (charted at #17 in 1927)
It All Depends On You (Desylva, Brown, Henderson)
It Had To Be You (Jones, Kahn) (from Melody in May)
It Happened in Monterey (Rose, Wayne)
It Never Dawned On Me
It Was So Beautiful (Barris, Freed)(charted on Billboard at #13 in 1932)
It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie
It’s Been So Long (Adamson, Donaldson)
It’s Easy To Remember (Hart, Rodgers)
It’s Swell Of You
Just A Bird’s Eye (Kahn, Donaldson)
Just A Fair Weather Friend (Malneck, Matt (m); Mercer, Johnny (w);Weirick, Paul)
Just a Little Closer (Johnson) (charted at #10 in 1930)
Just A Year Ago Tonight (Billy Rose and Lee David)
Just Once Again
Just One More Chance (Coslow, Johnston)
Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’ (Ruth Etting w/Wheeler & Woolsey)
Keep Romance Alive (Kalmar, Ruby) (From Hips Hips Hooray)
Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon (Levant, Lewis, Young)
Kiss Me Goodnight (A. Gottler; H. Nicholls)
Laughing At Life (N&C Kenny, Cornell, Todd)
Lazy Day
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Slater, Whitson, Freidman)
Let Me Sing And I’m Happy (Irving Berlin)
Let’s Call It All A Dream
Let’s Talk About My Sweetie
Life Is A Song (charted on Billboard at #1 in 1935)
Linger A Little Longer In The Twilight (Woods, Campbell, Connelly) (Recorded 3/1/33)
Lonely Little Bluebird
Lonesome and Sorry (Davis, Conrad)
Lost In a Fog
Love For Sale (Cole Porter)
Love is Just a Little Bit of Heaven
Love Is Like That (Russell)(charted at #5 in 1931)
Love Letters In The Sand (Kenny, Kenny, Coots)
Love Me or Leave Me (Kahn, Donaldson) (charted on Billboard at #2 in 1929)
Love You Funny Thing (Ahlert, Turk)
Loveable (Kahn, Woods) (from Artistic Temper)
Many Happy Returns of the Day (A. Dubin; J. Burke)
March Winds And April Showers (Powell, Samuels, Whitcup)
May I Have the Next Romance with You?
Maybe! Who Knows? (Tucker, Schuster, Etting)
Me! (Irving Berlin)
Mean to Me (Turk, Ahlert)
Moonlight Saving Time (Kahal, Richman)
More Than You Know (Rose, Eliscu, Youmans) (charted at #9 in 1930)
Mother’s Crazy Quilt
My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (Friend, Caesar)
My Heart’s at Ease
My Man (Mon Homme) (Yvain)
My Mother’s Eyes (Baer, Gilbert)
Nevertheless (Kalmar, Ruby)
No More Love (Warren, Dubin) (from Roman Scandals)
No No Nora (Kahn, Fiorito, Erdman)
No One’s Fool (Furman and Rose)
Nothing Else To Do (Goodwin, Shay, Bergere)
Now I’m In Love (Shapiro, Yellen)
Now That You’re Gone (Kahn, Fiorito)(charted at #13 in 1931)
Old Roses
On a Dew-Dew-Dewy Day (Johnson)
On a Little Dream Ranch
Out in the Cold Again
Out Of Nowhere (Green, Heyman)
Overnight (I Found You) (Rose, Kent, Alter)(charted at #18 in 1931)
Pretty Little You (Ryan and Violinsky) (from Glorifying the Popular Song)
Reaching For The Moon (Irving Berlin) (charted at #6 in 1931)
Riptide (Kahn, Donaldson)
Sam, the Old Accordion Man (Donaldson)
Save the Last Dance For Me (Hirsch, Magine, Spitalny)
Say “Yes” Today
Say A Little Prayer For Me (Gilbert, Nicholls)
Shaking the Blues Away (Irving Berlin) (from Ziegfeld Follies) (charted on Billboard at #4 in 1927)
Shine On Harvest Moon (Norworth, Bayes) (from Ziegfeld Follies)
Sing Me A Baby Song (Donaldson, Kahn)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Charted on Billboard at #15 in 1934)
So Is Your Old Lady
Some Day We’ll Meet Again (Recorded 12/5/32)
Somebody Loves Me (DeSylva, Macdonald, Gershwin)
Sonny Boy (Jolson, DeSylva, Brown, Henderson)
St. Louis Blues (Handy) (from Melody in May)
Stars (Are The Windows Of Heaven)
Stay As Sweet As You Are (Gordon, Revel)
Stay on the Right Side Sister
Stay Out Of My Dreams
Such Is Life
Summer Is Over
Swanee Shore
Take Me In Your Arms (Recorded 12/5/32)
Take My Heart
Talking to Myself (From Gift of Gab)
Ten Cents A Dance (Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers) (from Simple Simon)(charted on Billboard at #5 in 1930)
That Wonderful Boyfriend of Mine (Ryan and Violinsky) (from Glorifying the Popular Song)
That’s Him Now (Ager, Yellen)
That’s Something To Be Thankful For
That’s What Heaven Mean To Me (Yellen, Akst) (from Artistic Temper)
That’s Why I Love You
The Kiss Waltz (Dubin, Burke) (from One Good Turn)
The Night When Love Was Born (charted at #14 in 1932)
The One in the World (Eckersley, Little)
The Right Kind of Man (Gilbert, Baer) (from Broadway’s Like That)
The Song Is Ended (Irving Berlin) (charted on Billboard at #7 in 1928)
The Song That Broke My Heart
The Varsity Drag (B.G. DeSylva & Lew Brown)
The Voice in the Old Village Choir (Kahn, Woods)
There Ain’t No Maybe In My Baby’s Eyes (Kahn, Donaldson)
There’ll Be Some Changes Made
There’s A Lull In My Life (Gordon, Revel)
There’s Nothing Sweeter Than A Sweet Sweet Sweetie
There’s Something In The Air (McHugh-Harold)
Things Might Have Been So Different
Thinking of You (Donaldson)
This Is The Night
Til Tomorrow (Malneck, Campbell, Connelly)
Tired Of It All
To Know You Is To Love You
Together We Two (Irving Berlin)  (charted at #12 in 1928)
Tomorrow Who Cares (From Gift of Gab)
Too Late
True (Samuels, Whitcup)
Try A Little Tenderness (Woods, Campbell, Connelly)(charted at #16 in 1933)
Twas Only A Summer Night’s Dream
Walkin’ Around In A Dream (Lewis, Yoell, Spence)
We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye
Were You Sincere? (Meskill, Rose)
Were Your Ears Burning Baby?
What a Life (Kent, Alter) (from Artistic Temper)
What a Man
What About Me (Dietz, Schwartz)
What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry? (Donaldson, Lyman)
What Do We Care If It’s One O’Clock (Goodwin, Shay, Ash)
What Do We Do on a Dew-Dew-Dewy Day? (Johnson)
What Is Sweeter (Jasmyn, Jerome)
What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man? (Gurney, Harsburg)
When It’s Springtime in the Rockies
When the Organ Played at Twilight (Wallace, Campbell, Connelly)
When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along (Woods)
When We’re Alone (Penthouse Serenade) (Burton,  Jason)
When Were Alone (charted at #8 in 1932)
When You’re With Somebody Else (Gilbert)
Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do
Who’ll Buy My Song of Love?
Whose Honey Are You? (Coots, Gillespi)
Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever?
Why Dream (Robin, Whiting, Rainger)
Wild Honey
Will You Wait In The Valley For Me? (Hirsch, Burke)
Willow Weep For Me (Ronell)
Wistful and Blue (Etting, Davison)
With My
Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming
(Gordon, Revel)
Without That Gal (Donaldson)
You Don’t Like It – Not Much
You Made Me Love You (Monaco, McCarthy)
You Took Me Out Of This World
You’re In Love And I’m In Love
You’re My Past, Present and Future
You’re The Cream in My Coffee (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson)
You’re the One I Care For (Lown)
You’ve Got Me Crying Again (Newman, Jones) (Recorded 3/29/33)
You’ve Got Those ‘Wanna Go Back Again’ Blues
Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart

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