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Ruth Etting in a publicity still from early in her career. Sheet music for "Love is Like That" - Ruth Etting. To Byron with lots of love from cousin Ruth Etting, Ziegfeld Follies of 1927. Sheet music for "Maybe, Who Knows" - Ruth Etting Ruth Etting in a publicity still from the Broadway show, Whoopee! Ruth Etting in a publicity still dated 1932. "Will you Wait in the Valley For Me"  - Ruth Etting Ruth Etting in a publicity shot Ruth Etting in a publicity still, circa 1931 Torch singer Ruth Etting in a publicity still. Jack Pearl, Ruth Etting, Helen Morgan and Harry Richmond. The Stars of the 1931 Ziegfeld Follies. Ruth Etting in a publicity still. Lazy Day Publicity Still of Ruth Etting. Sheet music for "No More Love" from Roman Scandals, starring Eddie Cantor, Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart and David Manners. "Roman Scandals" Sheet music for "Just One More Chance", lyrics by Sam Coslow and music by Arthur Johnston, published by Crawford Music Corporation in 1935 and featuring Ruth Etting on the cover. "Sincere good wishes from The Sweetheart of Columbia Records, Ruth Etting". - autographed publicity still. Sheet music for "Shine On, Harvest Moon" by Ruth Etting, 1931 Ruth Etting with Ukulele Wistful and Blue "Stay Out Of My Dreams" - Ruth Etting When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along Sheet Music for "Guilty" Sheet Music for "True" Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston Ruth Etting by Alfred Cheney Johnston Gift of Gab

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10 Responses to Photo Album

  1. Karina says:

    Ruth Etting é maravilhosa !

  2. I agree Karina!

    For those who need a translation (including me!) Karina is saying that Ruth Etting is wonderful, in Portuguese!

  3. Pastor Jack McDonald of The Congregational Christian Church of David City Nebraska says:

    Like the town she was born in , grew up…she was one and only one of a kind…and knew how to use her God given talents!!! Pastor Jack

  4. Pam Orlando says:

    Hi Cheryl -

    My great Aunt Ethel and Ruth Etting were friends. I have the scrapbook that Aunt Ethel kept in which there are numerous newspaper articles, personal notes from Ruth to Ethel, pictures of Ruth at Hollywood Beach, FL. As a child I remember meeting Ruth in Hollywood, FL. If you are interested, please give me your e-mail address and I will try to scan pictures, articles, etc. to you.

  5. Ben R says:

    I watched the Doris Day movie about her and enjoyed that but listening to the early recording by Ruth Etting on YOUTUBE is a real treat. Her voice is so clear and the selections are super, makes me wish I was born 25 years sooner so could have seen her in person.

  6. eirin-marie moe says:

    Ruth Etting was a good singer,but for me Ada Jones is/was better

  7. Ada Jones fan says:

    I not like Ruth Etting. She sang not bad,but she gives me nothing. I like when ait gives me somethings ( f.eks feelings of where happy,peace in my heart good feelings etc) and Ruth not gives me it. I stopped hear she in 2014. I found out the life is so short so I will listen to singers ( male and female) who gives me more than Ruth who gived me only complete empiness. I started listen to Mamie Smith who Gives me good feelings and peace in my heart and I listen also to Ada jones,Marion Harris and Aileen Stanley who gives me good feelings and peace in my heart etc. I will never listen to Ruth Etting again

  8. Henry Burr fan says:

    I not like the singing style of Ruth Etting and she gives me nothing in her singing. it’s only Complete emptiness. Only femle singers who gives me somthings like: good feelings,peace in my heart,fellings of where really happy etc is Ada Jones,Mamie Smith,Aileen Stanley,Marion Harris and Gladys Rice. Ruth sang maybe not bad,but she have not appeal to me. Sorry,butbI can’t listen to Ruth Etting again

  9. To the commenter who made two comments above, and “will never listen to Ruth Eating again…”

    Seriously? Good for you! Figure out what you like, and listen to that! My advise would be to avoid the sites of singers you don’t like. No need to listen to any singer who doesn’t do it for you, and spending time on a site devoted to that singer? Maybe not a good idea, if you don’t like him or her.

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