Program from the Pre-Broadway run of Nine Fifteen Review

January 27th, 1930 playbill from the Pre-Broadway tryout of RUTH SELWYN’s musical revue “NINE FIFTEEN REVUE” at the Shubert Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts.

With musical staging by the legendary BUSBY BERKELY and boasting a score written by RODGERS & HART, COLE PORTER, HAROLD ARLEN, NOEL COWARD, VINCENT YOUMANS, VICTOR HERBERT, RUDOLF FRIML and many others.

The musical introduced HAROLD ARLEN’s first big hit, “GET HAPPY”, which was performed by RUTH ETTING at the end of Act One.

The generic cover used by the Shubert Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1930. Theatre program covers were typically printed with the theater’s name, and not specific to the show – only the interior pages were specific to an individual show.

An ad for Ruth Etting’s records, that appeared in the program.

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