Radio Mirror Magazine, June 1934

Radio Mirror Magazine - Ruth Etting - June 1934

The Singing Blonde Crowns Her Glory

From “Radio Mirror” Magazine, June 1934 (pg. 36-37)

They say the hat often makes the woman and if that’s true then Ruth Etting is really a queen on these pages for she is crowned with some of the smartest headgear to be seen in Manhattan smart places this summer. Nicole de Paris, famous French designer, has made these stunning creations especially for Miss Etting’s pictures in RADIO MIRROR.

Nicole who makes chapeaux for famous movie stars as well as for society women all over America says a woman must choose her hat more carefully than any other article of her wardrobe. And these, she believes, are especially suited to the popular blonde beauty who is starred over the Columbia networks.

The smart tri-corner Ruth is wearing is of a gorgeous French straw fitted flat to the head and deeply over one eye. The ornament is the piece de resistance of the creation and the widely meshed veil helps, too.

The fluted white ruffle on the afternoon hat is of crisp organdy topped with a heavy satin bow and the wide ruffle of her dress is part of the smart ensemble.

Shiny rough black straw is the material used for the tricky little number Miss Etting wears, the pert quill stuck across the front of the brim, while for the races or formal teas she dons the gorgeous wide brimmed black taffeta hat edged with an inch-row of grosgrain.

For sports she has a smooth, flat panama turned way up on one side and trimmed with a pair of gaily colored quills.

But the prize of them all is the large panama with a double edged brim of flattened violets and gloves to match that have huge bunches of the same flowers at the wrists.

Madame Nicole favors the ensemble idea so distinctive this year, that of matching an unusual hat with dress collar, gloves and bags. And of wearing huge bouquets of flowers on the back of the wrist, blossoms that match the trimming on the hat. The violet hat with white gloves, trimmed with large bunches of violets, was also made in a black and white combination for a famous motion picture star. But always the hat must fit the personality.

The season for large hats has come back with a vengeance, according to Nicole, who knows her millinery. The crowns are still small but the brims may be as large as your type can stand them.

Thank you to Matthew Quigley for submitting this article!

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