Reaching For The Moon

Words and Music by Irving Berlin, 1930

A pale new moon, a sky of blue
And here am I but where are you?
A dream of love would soon come true
If I could reach the moon and you

The moon and you appear to be
So near and yet so far from me

And here am I on a night in June
Reaching for the moon and you

I wonder if we’ll ever meet
My song of love is incomplete

I’m just the words looking for the tune
Reaching for the moon and you

Reaching for the Moon was written by Irving Berlin – not specifically for Ruth Etting, but for another singer – for the 1930 musical film of the same name. But the director ended up cutting most of the songs from the film, and only used this particular song as background music, in the final version of the film.

Ruth Etting recorded Reaching For The Moon later, and charted at #6 in 1931.

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