Stay As Sweet As You Are

Written by Gordon and Revel

Stay As Sweet As You Are,
Don’t let a thing ever change you.
Stay As Sweet As You Are
Don’t let a soul rearrange you.
Don’t ever lose all the charm you possess,
Your loveliness Darling,
the way you say “yes.”
Stay As Sweet As You Are
Discreet as you are–you’re divine Dear.
Stay as grand as you are
And as you are, tell me that you’re mine, Dear.
Young and gay or old and gay
Near to me or afar.
Night and day I pray
That you’ll always Stay As Sweet As You Are.

Appeared in the film “College Rhythm”
Recorded by Ruth Etting November 21, 1934 for Columbia Records. Originally issued on Columbia 2979 D (Matrix 16349).

Goodnight My Love

Goodnight My LoveAvailable On:
Goodnight My Love - Ruth Etting
Take Two Records
Recorded: 1930-1937
Released: November 7, 1994

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