Try A Little Tenderness

Words and Music by Harry M. Woods, James Campbell and Reginald Connelly

She may be weary,
Women do get weary
Wearing the same shabby dress
And when she’s weary,
Try a little tenderness.

You know she’s waiting,
Just anticipating
Things she may never possess.
While she’s without them,
Try a little tenderness.

It’s not just sentimental,
She has her grief and care,
And a word that’s soft and gentle,
Makes it easier to bear.
You won’t regret it,
Women don’t forget it,
Love is their whole happiness.
It’s all so easy
Try a little tenderness.

Recorded by Ruth Etting on February, 8, 1933
On the same day she also recorded Hey Young Fella.
Charted at #16 by Ruth Etting in 1933

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